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Field of business

“We challenge ourselves in infinite possibilities to contribute to distribution board industry.”

LCPK is a leading company in manufacture of distribution board. Through accumulated abundant know-how and established network we are developing and doing research to provide the best quality in order to satisfy our customer. Also, as leading company in SMART distribution board, we distribute distribution board to about 120 branch offices, public facility and government office contributing to distribution board industry.

Especially, we developed Speedbar which is separate block type through cutting bus bar. It can be installed easily and extension and replacement is convenient. Its case consists of flame resisting and insulator so there is no danger from electricity. Also by achieving V-Check certificate we have increased the safety of Speedbar.

Our company is leading the market through consistent R&D development considering the trend in distribution board industry getting smart.

Major performance list
Delivered product We are providing the speedbar through distributors
Manufacturing distribution board Gwacheon City Hall, Nonghyup in Yangju, Nonghyup in Anseong Miyang, Nonghyup in Samsong, Purification plant in downstream of Hanriver(Secondary), Incheon International Airport, Gwancheon public Library of Information & Science, Kuryong elementary school, Gwangshin high school, Daegu Education and Development Institute, Gwangshin middles school, Kimpo international airport, Field in Samsung heavy industries, Hwaseong botanic garden, Chungang middle school, Suncheon city hall, Anseong Miyang distribution complex construction site, etc distribution board manufactured and delivered.